Strathearn Mountain Biking Club

    The Strathearn Mountain Biking club is a great way to meet other local riders, discover new trails in the local area, go on organised rides and get involved in mountain biking in many wonderful ways.

    At the moment, there is a regular Tuesday evening ride, which usually involves a little spin around the trails near to Crieff or Comrie. There is also a not so regular weekend ride, organised through the clubs email system and forum.

    For junior riders, there is a regular session on a Sunday, soon to move to Saturday. While this is a great session with excellent coaching, it is pretty fully subscribed, to if any parents have an interest in helping out, it would mean that more juniors could get actively involved - check the wbsite for details.

    There have been a few trips further afield, down to Glentress and up to Laggan Wolftrax, which have been a great success. There will be more of these planned in the coming months, so get joined up, and join the action!


    How to get involved

    If you think this sounds up your street, or path, or singletrack trail, have a look at the club website, download and fill in the form, and pretty soon you'll be pinging around them thar local hills, like a goat. It would be great to get more of a balanced membership, so if theres any ladies or beginners who are keen to get out on the bikes, please get in touch and come out riding. If your thinking of coming along, or have any questions, get in touch with the club secretary