Bike riding at and from the croft

    The land at Comrie Croft and the surrounding area makes for perfect bike riding days. We are fortunate to be situated in a stunning locality with a wealth of natural ride options and here at Comrie Croft Bikes we are dedicated to helping you make the most of it.Whether you prefer purpose built bike trails, exploring the hills, or the smooth black stuff (tarmac, not Guiness) there is a bike ride close by for you. Whats on Offer?

    Comrie Croft Trails are Central Scotlands newest purpose built mountain bike trails, with blue, red and black trails, and bike skills and fun park. A full rundown on whats available can be found here




    There are a vast variety of options for exploring off-site from Comrie Croft, and a new link path means you can avoid the A85 to access much of what is available. From valley routes following the River Earn, the great trails on The Knock behind Crieff, or the more remote Glen Lednock or Glen Artney, pop in to Comrie Croft Bikes for directions or have a look here.



    If you prefer your riding atop the black stuff, there are bountiful options of quiet and testing roads and loops leading from Comrie Croft. If you are making a weekend of it here, bring your skinny wheels along as well as your mountain bike. A run down of great road options can be found here.