“Awesome” “Fantastic” “Best day ever” “Great imagination” “Better than *********”

 But we think you should come and make up your own mind about our trails. We love them and we want you to come and love them too. Whether it’s our hand crafted red and black graded singletrack, our swoopy bermy Blue, or the bike skills and fun park, there is something for everyone at Comrie Croft Trails. The trails are developing a good following amongst those in the know and we are still building more, we reckon they are well worth a visit.

Nestling in the heart of beautiful Perthshire, yet only an hours drive from Scotland’s major cities, Comrie Croft Trails are an evolving and expanding set of dedicated trails with a little something for everyone. The trails are located on our private estate and pack in some mighty punches over a relatively small area. Variety is key to our trails, you’ll be sure to enjoy the challenges that Comrie Croft Trails throw up, and soon be heading back round for more! What you can expect...


Bike Skills and Fun Park - Suitable for all ages and abilities

What’s in a name? It does what it says on the sign, you can hone your bike skills and have some fun, in the Comrie Croft Bike Skills and Fun Park. Its more than the sum of its parts however, you can easily while away an hour or two on the fantastic features found here. The park is suitable for all ages too, from balance bikers and novice mountain bikers, to our tail whipping locals, come on down and show ‘em how it’s done. There are several line choices with progressive table top jumps and the Jackie Chan drop line, rock gardens and a little sprockets kids mini pump area. A personal favourite is the excellent pump track, where you build your speed without pedalling, get it right and you can really pin it round the berms, the lap record is something like a crazy 12 seconds, and that is just waiting to be broken.

The Bike park is located not far from the café, with no climbing to be done to access it, don’t worry if you’ve come unprepared, if you only have an hour to spare why not rent a bike and give it a whirl?

Blue Trail - 4kms. suitable for age 5+, novice riders upwards

So you’ve been hanging at the bike park for a while, dialling in those jumps, and you want to try out these fresh skills in a trail setting? The Comrie Croft Blue is just the place for you. Set over the lower half of the estate, the trail follows a meandering climb up to around 200m, for those of you familiar with the old uphill, we have taken out a lot of the steeper sections, so sit down and pedal through it, no worries!

On your way up you will pass a few early return options, the trails are designed as several interlinking loops, so if you don’t fancy riding all the way up, just hang a right where you see a blue down arrow, and tackle your favourite section. We do recommend that you try it once all in one, to maximise your enjoyment.

Taken from the top, there is the High Wood Blue, which has a cross country element to it, ie its not all downhill, and there’s a little pedalling to be done. There are also a couple of cheeky short black sections in here, don’t tackle them unless you are very confident in your ability at that level! The HWB leads directly into Surfs Up! which starts off on a series of pumps, you’ll have seen these before in the pump track, and then dives down into a series of tight berms and rollers. Follow the hill down into Big Wednesday where the trail opens out into big swooping berms, and across some boardwalk, with a little stream jump, again a black feature on a blue trail so if blue is your level, take the bridge! This all leads you over Nobby’s Rise and down into the Dual of the Earn, a twin park style trail where you can pit your wits against your riding buddies, or spin forever in the 360 donuts. Mmm Donuts. Ping out of this and either back up the push up path, or carry on down to the café. 4kms of Blue, packed with features and fun.

Red & Black Trails. 6kms. Suitable for intermediate riders upwards

The stalwarts of the Comrie Croft Trail network, our Red and Black trails have been lovingly handcrafted for your riding pleasure, in the old school fashion, which results in a natural feature-packed blast across some challenging terrain, designed to test your skills and give your grin muscles a healthy workout.

Pass the blue trail entrance and continue into the high wood, a natural regeneration area where little birch trees are reclaiming the land as their own. The Red singletrack winds its way up into a couple of wooded sections, with some sharp climbs, rocky outcrops (check out the dinosaur jobby in the woods) and burn crossing, with bridge option for those scared of getting their feet weet.

A traverse leads you to the top of two downhill options, both testing and technical, graded red to the left and black to the right. The red trail, new in 2013, passes over some bedrock slabs before twisting back round to snake across the hill face and spit you back out at the quarry. Think rocks, roots and some mud! The black is not too hairy, no massive drops but definitely requiring some skills, again rocks, roots and steep slopes are the order of the day. Natural and technical and great fun, they need a few goes before you can work out the best lines, a great place to improve your riding style.

From the quarry, you can cut across the flyover bridge and onto the blue at Surfs Up!, or you can take a right and follow the red descent down the other side of the estate. This is a narrow singletrack trail over a variety of surfaces, with some testing turns, some fast blasts and some rocks and wooded bits to keep you on your toes. There is also a black option down through the woods here too, choose your poison!

Either way you will be lead you back down to the café level, stop here have some of Aileen’s delicious brownies, some excellent coffee or juice, and back off to do it all again! Around 6kms, with options for more

Future Developments

The digger is still being worked hard here at Comrie Croft Trails, at present we are working on a machine built red trail to complement the existing red, and which will lead directly into the blue descent. It will be a lot of techy red with a generally downhill trajectory, designed and built by trails guru Rik Allsop, it amazes us how artistic he can be with a digger. We are super excited by the stuff he has been digging so far, and we expect the new red to be open for riding by late spring 2014. Keep an eye on our Facebook or Twitter feeds for full updates on opening dates. We look forward to seeing you out on the trails!



Pricing and Facilities

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