Pricing and Facilities

    A few of the details i'm sure you'll be wondering about when planning a visit to Comrie Croft Trails...




    What does it cost me?

    If you ride here, or are staying here, riding around Comrie Croft Trails costs you nowt, other than what you feel you would like to generously donate into our collection boxes. If you drive, we have a dedicated bike trail car park, separate from the Comrie Croft accommodation parking, watch out for the signs as you come up the drive. 

    Parking charges are modest, we think, £3 for a car with up to 2 persons, £5 for a car with 3 or more, £10 for a minibus with over 5 folk. 

    Why do we charge for car parking? We want to keep our trails in tip top condition, and maintenance doesn't come free. All the car parking money we receive goes towards maintaining, and developing our trails. If the cost is spread around all our visitors, we can keep charges low and ensure the trails keep getting better. 

    Where do I ride?

    Of course you will need to know which direction to point your wheels in once you've got here. In the bike shop and in reception you can pick up a full colour map of all our trails, for the bargain price of £1. There are also arrows on the trail which will keep you right, but it does make more sense if you have a map the first couple of times. There is a big map at the trail head too. 

    I'm hungry and thirsty...

    Don't panic, there are many options! We recommend very highly our onsite cafe, the Tea Garden. Open seasonally, the cafe is home to fantastic (and I can testify to this) home baking, soups, sandwiches, bagels, amazing coffee, selection of teas and juices and other snacks. There is a covered seating area out front, with bike parking just outside. Its almost good enough to keep dedicated bikers from riding. 

    If you are coming during the winter months, you will not be neglected. The reception/shop will sell you a hot drink, and they also stock tasty muffins and cookies, crisps and juice and ice creams among plenty other goodies. In the bike shop we stock a range of energy bars and gels.

    If you would rather come prepared we welcome the use of our picnic tables, feel free to set out a tasty spread of your own preperation. There are many beautiful spots on the trails too if you want to be truly alfresco.

    I'm filthy...

    If it's you that's dirty we have several options for you. We have a small number of showers onsite, in the camping facilities. While these are predominantly for camping use, bikers can pay £1 to have a clean. We ask that you strip off as much off your really mucky gear while remaining decent and try not to make the showers filthy. If you do, our camping manager will go bananas, and remove our showering priviledges. Pay your pound to the office. Please treat the showers like you would your own shower - clean em afterwards! You can also rent a towel for £2

    If this sounds like too much trouble for you, or all bit soft, you can use the bike wash, its just a pound. Cold but fun. Or even better, why not jump in the millpond? Its free! and makes for great photo opportunities

    ...and so is my bike

    Well, we can't have that. You can give it a dip in the millpond too, but we prefer if you use our custom built bike wash. Position your bike over the sump, insert a pound coin and you have 3 minutes to blast your bike clean. Its's quite powerful, so maybe don't spray it directly in your hub bearings for the full 3 minutes. It's effective enough to do your whole bike in that time, and then it'll be sparkling enough to sling back on the bike carrier or in the van. Or ride it home.




    I've broken it...

    Come all this way and your front brake has leaked its hydraulic fluid all over the M90? Exploded your tyre on one our craftily positioned rocks? Snapped your chain? (suprisingly common that one). No worries. If we have the time, we will be delighted to get you back on the trails asap. Our bike workshop is manned daily, by Cytech and Weldtech mechanics, fully stocked with all manner of important looking tools, and we carry a pretty healthy supply of spare parts. We can fix your bike any time if you live locally, but importantly if you have made a trip especially, we will always endeavour to help get you fixed up. Pop in and see us with your issues. Your bike issues mainly, but we are also good listeners. Especially over good coffee (see tea garden section above)

    ...and I've forgotten my XYZ

    What have you left home without? Your helmet? No problems. Gloves? We have a nice range. Specs? Saddle? Brake Pads? Comrie Croft Bikes shop is well stocked and open 7 days to help you out with any senior moments you may have suffered from. Don't just pop in if you have forgotten something however, we are always topping up our range to provide some nice shiny stuff for you to desire, upgrade your pedals, or bars, or why not buy a new bike? Hey while you're at it, check out our CCB t-shirts. and so on. More details of our shop can be found here.



    What else...

    Need a wee? We have toilets. Need to park your car? We have ample parking.In fact trail users have a new dedicated car park, look out for the signs. Don't have your own bike? Rent one from us. Need somewhere to stay? Check out our onsite accommodation. Staying over? Lock your bike in our secure storage shed. Lonely? Talk to our chickens. With a non-biker? Tell them about our walking trails. Want to ask us something? Send us a postcard, or a present, or an email