Bike Fleet?

    Are you a school, hotel or group with a fleet of bikes? Comrie Croft Bikes are experts in fleet maintenance, servicing Crieff Hydro and Gleneagles hotels, on top of our own. If you would like our help, just contact us for more details. We will also provide bike fleets on a sale or lease basis, just get in touch.

    Welcome to the workshop

    What have you done?? However bad it looks, chances are it can be fixed. Comrie Croft Bikes has a full pro workshop set up, which can get your bike back looking something like its former self, regardless of how badly you've been treating it. Breaking your bike is not something to be ashamed of, if suggests you've been riding hard, which we are all in favour of. Prevention, however,  is always a good remedy remember, so you don't need to wait until its busted before you bring your steed to us. We are Weldtech and Cytech mechanics round here at the bike bit, and we've been fixing bikes for a long time - there's very little we haven't seen before. So what needs doing?


    If your bike has been running nicely, but you've only gone and broken part of it, bring it to us for repair. We can source almost anything to replace what is busted, with a diverse range of suppliers, and the repair know-how to attach it all back together. More details here.

    We recommend a regular service to keep your bike operating as it ought to. What level of maintenance you want to do depends on how much you ride your bike, how hard you ride it, and what level of performance you demand from your machine. The more you service it, the better it will perform. If you have a higher end bike, you might need to maintain it more frequently. Find out about our servicing options here.

    You want to turn that old road frame into an urban fixie? Fancy a butterfly bar on your tourer? Want to strip down your full susser and paint it fluo pink? We all love tinkering with bikes, but here at CCB we appreciate you might need some specialist work done from time to time. If you don't want to do it, bring it over and we will help. A few options can be found here