Suspension Servicing. Do you need your forks or shox servicing? We will strip down and service most major brands of suspension equipment and are Cytech 3 qualified to do so. We will replace your seals, fluid, clean and reassemble front or rear shocks, and if any further work requires doing, we will send it to the relevant service centre. Prices vary for this, please call us for an estimate.


    If you want something to keep on working well, it is essential to keep it serviced. It's true in all walks of life, and same goes for your bike. If you want it to perform reliably when you need it to, book your bike in to Comrie Croft Bikes for a service. We have different levels of servicing, depending on what you expect from your bike and how much you use it. Our most popular is our Silver level, but choose which you feel is right for you.

    Bronze - Safety Check

    General Safety Check of your bike, ensuring all bolts are secure. Align your gears and brakes, and lube your chain. Inflate your tyres.




    Silver Service

    The choice for most of our customers, this one will cover your bikes working parts and ensure ongoing smooth operation. The bronze service, plus cleaning and lubricating your drivetrain, adjust your hub, bottom bracket and headset bearings, truing your wheels in the frame, and everything inspected for wear 


    Gold Service

    For confidence in your bikes' reliability, choose our Gold service option. A silver service plus gear cable replacement inner and outer, Wheels trued in the stand, any serviceable bearings stripped and cleaned/replaced.




    Platinum Service

    The Creme De Menthe of bike servicing, our Platinum Service will ensure that your steed is ready for a sound thrashing. In addition to our gold service, it will also receive a full disc brake bleed, or new brake cable inner and outers. A chain bath and relube will ensure a squeaky clean drive train. Your bike will return sparkly clean and with an equally clean bill of health, this is your best option for a fully working race ready machine.