Specialist builds & bike pimping

    Above and beyond the standard repairs and maintenance, Comrie Croft Bikes can assist you in producing a unique bicycle tailored to your exact specifications. Here are a few suggestions as to what we can do, but if you have any whacky ideas and you want to run them past us, we'd love to hear from you.

    Frame Swap

    So, you've been a bit light fingered on Ebay again recently, and a strange shaped cardboard box has arrived at your front door, prompting a barrage of questions from your significant other. A change of frame can be a great upgrade, especially if you've been upgrading the rest of your components over time and they are now better than your chassis. But hang on, where is the spanner to get that splined bearing cup out of your bottom bracket shell? Well, don't panic, we can help. A full strip down from your old frame, and rebuild it onto your new frame. New cables. Advice about whether your forks or front mech is going to fit.  All this and more from CCB, email us to enquire. Prices vary for this, but £50 is not far off for the basic swap and set up.

    Strip down for the paint shop

    That cyan/purple fade is soo 2 decades ago. But thats no reason to part with the bike. Here we can strip your bike right down to its component frame parts, ready for sending to the Powder Coaters. And for a little extra, we will deal with the Powder Coating too, if you have an idea of colour in mind. Once its back from the colouring-in place, we will reassemble it, bung in some fresh cables and ta-dah! New Bike. Costs vary for this, so get in touch

    All manner of conversions

    A lot of the time the bike you had 10 years ago no longer suits the style of riding you now do, maybe it never did. If you want to fit flat bars on your road bike, there are a few fiddly things you need to do, but we can cover all that for you, you just have to ask. If you want to upgrade to an air sprung fork, change your coil on a rear shock, fit front panniers to your suspension forks, go from 8 speed to fixed wheel, I could go on, but you get the idea....This is purely based on the job, but quotes are free, so bring the bike to us and we will discuss your options. We love this kind of stuff, and won't be shy to offer an opinion. Come down and have a cuppa with us.

    Custom build your dream machine

    Sorry did you say you wanted to ride something state of the art, dripping in carbon and titanium, with right fancy bells and whistles? Or something a little more modest, but still personal to you? With our custom build service, you get to choose every bit for your new bike - if you are a budding product review reviewer, this might be for you. In all seriousness if this is up your street, we will provide very competitive quotes for building a bike up from scratch, with a great list of suppliers and extensive biking experience we can talk you through what would be best for you and your type of riding, obtain the goodies, and fashion them into your bike.