Whats a Kata?

    Completely renewed for 2013, our unique handmade kata tents are the ultimate wild camping experience without the hardship. Go to sleep to the sound of the deer and owls outside, or (if you are lucky) the silence of snow falling! The katas are erected on untreated larchwood platforms. Four (of five) of them are set in open birch woodland around 1-2 minutes walk from the facilities. The fifth kata is on the low meadow so has a more open outlook and is most convenient for access to the facilities or your car and has been designed for disabled accessible. You can keep cosy in them in all weather using the wood-burning stove in the centre of the tent. We've had people staying in them happily when its -15C outside! They are cosily furnished with sheepskins, cushions, oil lamps and solar powered lighting, and all the camping essentials you need, including your own homemade furniture.

    They now have more space and usable floor area, natural light coming in through translucent material at the top, a cute lockable door (no more zips!), felt insulation on the walls. Other new and improved features are being added all the time. 

    • 6m diameter tipi style tents, completely waterproof.
    • Recommended and equipped for 4. Couples love them. 4 adults is comfortable, 6 is a squeeze. The hand-crafted alpine style bed is one huge comfy area insulated with covered sheepswool - so it works best if you all know each other quite well.
    • Included inside: wood-burning stove for cooking & heating, 1 sack of firewood (more is available @ £6/sack), sheepskins, cushions and throws, all basic necessities for 4 people to cook, eat & clean up.
    • Included outside: campfire brazier made from a recycled wheel, and a hammock.
    • Please bring your own: sleeping bags, pillows, towels. A headtorch is handy!