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Bikes are a fantastically versatile mode of transport, with a vast array of attachments for you to carry or tow your belongings or loved ones, or both. We can supply and fit a number of options to your rental bike, or to your own bike. 

Kids Seats

Kids seats are perfect for the smallest members of your cycling family, so no-one gets left at home! It is a simple attachment which works better on a larger frame and needs 5 mins to attach on so if you'd like one, you can book ahead here. It is suitable for kids from around aged one year, but is dependant on size, so best to check ahead.


Keep them close at hand with our tag-alongs. These are ideal for towing the little ones who are big enough to pedal but still too small for their own set of wheels. They are a great way to get out and about with your kids and have them experience the fun of cycling without having to struggle to keep up with the adults.

Panniers, Racks & Luggage

Planning a longer day out? Don't fancy carrying your kit on your back? We can attach a rack onto your hire bike, which will enable you tio take our rear pannier bags with you, a great way of carrying that extra weight and not overheating with your rucksac. This takes a little while to set up, so you can pre-book your panniers here. We can also provide bike packing luggage.


 Are you planning on carrying a lot of kit? Or a lot of child? We have a couple of great options that attach easily to the back of your bike. The Tout Terrain range of trailers has a single wheel, with a suspension unit and is great for off-road riding. The Thule Chariot is more suited to smoother surfaces, but can still handle cyclepaths and forest roads.

Bike Transport Boxes

If you are going on holiday and need to transport your bike, you can rent a hard shell bike box from us, and save forking out for something you might use once or twice. We use high quality bike boxes from Elite. Please contact us for prices


Accessories Hire Prices 

 First DayExtra Day
Kid's Seat£10£5
Rack & Panniers (must be pre-booked)£15£6
Trailer (luggage or kids)£10£5
Helmet (without bike)£3£2
Bike Transportation Box£POA£POA