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 Servicing & Maintenance 

Bike Servicing, as distinct from Bike Repair, is the ongoing maintenance of your machine in order to keep it operating in the correct manner.

We recommend bringing your bike to us for servicing at intervals of your choosing; how frequently you do this varies with how often your ride your bike, and how far, in what conditions and how hard you are on it.

Preventative maintenance, or servicing, is the best way to keep things moving smoothly and avoid the potential bigger problems which come as a result of neglect.

We don’t have a hard and fast standard service charge, rather we operate on a sliding scale. This gives us and you the flexibility to alter the amount of work done in accordance with your needs or wishes.

That said, there is a level of basic service that we use as a starting point, and if you require or desire less or more that, this is the standard list from which we will deviate:


  • Asses your bike and provide you with an estimate for work to be done
  • Clean Frame & Wheels
  • Clean Drivetrain
  • Check chain and drivetrain for wear
  • Adjust Brakes
  • Adjust Gears
  • True Wheels
  • Tyres checked and inflated
  • Adjust cones and grease hub bearings (if appropriate)
  • Adjust and grease headset (if appropriate)
  • Adjust & grease Bottom Bracket Bearings (if appropriate)
  • Check suspension bushings (if appropriate)
  • Check Frame Bearings (if appropriate)
  • Check all nuts and bolts
  • Test ride

If during our assessment we discover parts that need replacing, the cost of the labour will increase. We will discuss this with you following our initial assessment.


Our Prices for servicing are:

Service - £50

Less Work – From £30

More Work – From £75

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Suspension Servicing

Do you need your forks or shox servicing? We will strip down and service most major brands of suspension equipment and are Cytech 3 qualified to do so. We will replace your seals, fluid, clean and reassemble front or rear shocks, and if any further work requires doing, we will send it to the relevant service centre. 

Prices vary for this, please call us for an estimate.

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