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We have been very picky over the bikes that we stock, and each of our brands offers something unique to our range. This is to ensure that we can find the perfect bike to suit your requirements. You know what type of bike riding you want to use the bike for, tell us and we will suggest the best options for your purpose and your pocket. We believe buying your next bike is a very personal interaction, worthy of time and investigation. Make a visit to our shop the first step on the road to finding your perfect riding partner.

Our Brands


Some of our favourite steel framed bikes & legendary gravel grinders, Genesis excel at niche bikes which ooze style and quality


Long time favourites, with a fantastic range and some absolutely belting bikes, Kona are definitely worth considering


Some of the lightest and best value kids bikes around, Frog are a benchmark for quality. We love their new PTL range.


We are so excited to stock Orange bikes, legends of the UK biking scene. They make some of the coolest bikes around.


The second largest bike brand in the world, Merida cover all the bases, and do it brilliantly, with real quality and genuine value.


Stylish, practical and suprising, Ridgeback have an extensive range of great bikes, with some real gems amongst them


We love Dawes' Academy junior range, lightweight, great value and high end performance. Their touring range is world renowned.



The fiesty kids with real trail slaying attitude, Nukeproof are perfect for ripping it up with style and race proven performance.

Where is the online shop?

The keen eyed amongst you will notice we don't sell online. We want you to be able to touch, feel, sit on discuss and be advised on the bikes we sell. We might not have the armchair convenience of online shopping, but we do have awesome trails, lots of great product knowledge, and cake! Turn your shopping into a day out, and your pounds will be supporting and developing the trails network at the Croft. That said, we can of course do mail order, just get in touch and we'll do our best to help!