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Tax free bikes

Have you taken advantage of the governments fantastic tax free scheme to allow you buy your bike at up to 42% off?

Comrie Croft Bikes are a partner store for several of the leading schemes, which you can use to save £££s on your new bike. You can use the scheme to purchase a bike and associated equipment up to the value of £1000. 

You then repay this amount over a set period and the tax is removed. Available to anyone who is on a PAYE scheme. Check with your employer if they participate, and if they use one of the schemes below, come in and choose your bike!

You would be crazy not to consider this as a way to get your new bike. Its free money off, from the government. What could be better?

If your companies scheme isn't listed here, get in touch and we will set ourselves up with them too!

How does it work?

Ok, first off ask your employer if they are signed up to any scheme. If not - badger them to do so! Why? Healthy employees are better workers, so they tell me. But even better your employer can save money too!

As a full salary sacrifice, employees can expect to save tax and National Insurance through the initiative - 32% for standard rate tax payers and 42% for higher rate tax payers.

Employers save National Insurance too (typically 13.8%) on the value of every bike ordered through the scheme by their employees.

Get yourself down to your bike shop, pick the bike, follow your schemes procedure, and you'll be riding your new bike in a week or so.