Merida MATTS J. 24+

£490.00 £500.00
By Merida


It’s all about lightweight for kids.

We care as much about our kids' bikes as we do those in our adult range; all components are as light and child-focused as possible.

We use 1x drivetrains with rapid-fire shifters to make shifting simple and, again, reduce the overall weight.

The Matts Junior + bikes have rigid forks as cheap suspension forks tend to work poorly and weigh a lot. Instead we use fat 2.4" tyres to provide plenty of comfort and grip.

All bikes have a focus on longevity; not just the high quality paint finish, protected by a lacquer coat to keep the bike looking fresh for hand me downs or sale but also the flip-flop stem and spacers allowing for growth, extending the life of Matts Junior+ bikes.

  • Lightweight package
  • Focussed on simplicity
  • Oversized tyres
  • 8 trigger operated gears
  • Hydraulic disc brakes