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Adult Skills Classes

At flow School we like to offer something for every one at different levels. We aim to make all our classes as fun and progressive as possible. With the laid back approach we offer in our classes, we try and take the pressure off and everything we ask you to do is your own choice, none of the classes are to test you,  we want everyone to learn at there own pace and have fun while doing so.


Adults Beginners

Adults beginners classes are open to both male and female riders looking to try out mountain biking. If you have done a little mountain biking already and are looking to get more into, it this course is for you. We will spend some time in our skills park getting you to practice basic skills from body position on the bike all the way to some small jumps if the groups up to it.

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Adults Evolution

Adults evolution classes, are for riders looking to move to the next step from blues to reds or just get down that red run cleaner and faster. Once again starting out in the skills park focusing on the more advanced skills like jumps and drops, then heading up the hill to put these new or improved skills to the test. Read on for more details and how you can book.

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Women's Specific

Woman’s only classes, we have set up woman only classes as another way to get more people enjoying this awesome sport at a laid back, stress free atmosphere. This class is for woman at all levels wanting to improve some skills or learn new ones with everyone working together to learn and share their skills and experience. Read on below to find out more

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Air Time

Flow those jumps and drops in our new class focusing on air time. If you struggle with drops or clearing that pesky jump that get you every time. In this class we will start out in the skills park on our jump and drop lines breaking the skills down step by step getting over and off the drops in a controlled safe manner. We will head up the hill to key spots and test these out. 

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What they said...

Awesome way to spend a couple of days. Definitely be back

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