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Air Time Classes

Air time is a new course for us this year where we will focus on leaving the ground. We will cover other skills as well as jumps and drops, showing you how small movements on the bike can make big changes to what you can make the bike do. The aim of this course is to build confidence in the air, trusting your ability to perform the skills, giving you more control over the bike. Be a pilot not a passenger.  


  • Keen mountain biker
  • Looking to get more out of the skill you already have

 Course Outcomes

  • More understanding of air-time skills
  • More confidence in the air
  • Finding flow
  • Holding a better line on jumps and the track
  • Smoother drop offs

Course Details

  • Group size - 4-6 people
  • Cost - £60 per person
  • Requirements - Bike, Helmet, Appropriate Clothing, Lunch or money. Bikes and Helmets can be rented from Comrie Croft Bikes

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There are currently no dates available for this course

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