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Women's Specific Classes

Our womens specific classes are structured for female riders who want to learn the basics in a fun and friendly environment. We can show you how to safety check the bike before your ride, basic riding techniques like body position, safe controlled braking and finding more flow on the trails. The overall objective is to make your overall riding experience safer and more enjoyable. We like to keep our courses as relaxed and laidback as possible helping the learning process by keeping it fun.      


  • Able to ride a bike on green or blue trails
  • Some knowledge of bike skills
  • Passion for mountain biking
  • Reasonable fitness level
  • Willing to learn in a group of riders  


  • More Confidence riding off road
  • Better understanding of the skills involved and when best to use them
  • Riding faster with more control
  • Smoother more efficient breaking
  • Better flow making the overall riding experience more enjoyable

Course Details

  • Group size - 4-6 people
  • Cost - £60 per person
  • Requirements - Bike, Helmet, Appropriate Clothing, Lunch or money. Bikes and Helmets can be rented from Comrie Croft Bikes

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