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Comrie Croft Trails

Whether it’s our hand crafted Red and Black graded singletrack, our swoopy bermy Blue, or the bike skills and fun park, there is something for everyone at Comrie Croft Trails. The trails have a very natural feel and are feature packed, 

Set in the stunning Strathearn Valley, and only an hours drive from Scotland’s major cities, our trails are an evolving and expanding set of dedicated trails with a little something for everyone. The trails are located on our private estate and pack in some mighty punches over a relatively small area. Variety is key to our trails, you’ll be sure to enjoy the challenges that Comrie Croft Trails throw up, and soon be heading back round for more! What you can expect...

N1 - Croft

Home base, here you will find the bike rentals, bike shop, Tea Garden cafe, bike wash, showers, car parking and information

N2 - Quarry

A good navigation point between the lower Field trails and the upper High Wood Trails, the quarry naturally sits at the boundary of these two areas

N3 - Twa Turns

The Twa Turns is an important junction for navigating the Upper Red trails

N4 - Decision Rock

Everyone to the rock! But which way down? Decisions, decisions...#decisonrock

N5 - Look Out!

The highest point on the trails, the view from Look Out! is well worth the trip up, take a moment to savour the 360 degree panorama

C1 - Quarry Climb

Sit down, select a low gear, and pedal your way up to the quarry and the beginning of your biking adventures

Distance - 1200m

C2 - Up, Up and Away

This will take you to the start of the Red and Blue trails, look out for the junction markers 

Distance - 500m

C3 - Stick In

A wonderful technical climb, remember, Comrie Croft isn't all about the downhills! Clean this first time and you're doing well

Distance - 900m

C4 - Go West

To get yourself to Decision Rock

Distance - 400m

Bl1 - Dual of the Earn

Our most easily accessible section of Blue Trail, but don't be deceived, the Dual Slalom section is properly thrilling, chase your mates down and get bragging rights by getting back to the Croft first!

Distance - 700m

Bl2 - Cookie Monster

Start off with the whoops and this trail opens up to offer an outstanding mix of swoopy berms, kickers and table tops

Distance - 1000m

Bl3 - Dark Side of the Blue

A shade of grade darker than our standard blue, this is a bit more pedally, and a good taster for some of the red trails found further up the hill

Distance - 800m

R1 - Rock Lobster

Bedrock galore, on this fantastic section of red graded trail

Distance - 1000m

R2 - Stan Salvador

A demanding and exhilirating section of Red Trail

Distance - 1400m

R3 - Forest Stump

Just a cheeky little natural section, use this to get onto the top of the Blue trail, or peel off and pick up the Muddy Rut

Distance - 200m

R4 - The Muddy Rut

Classic natural Comrie Red, with a great variety of features, find your flow on this and you will be flying!

Distance - 666m

R5 - Phil MaBracken

Head down from the Quarry junction on this fast fun section, with a couple of rocky slabs and a twist in the tail to finish

Distance - 1400m

Bk1 - Natural Gold

This Trail is Still Under Construction - Please do not ride it!!!

Bk2 - Hairy Coo Black

The original Black trail at the Croft, this is a tight, technical tester. 

Distance - 800m

Bk2 - Sloppy Joes

Blast back down to the Croft on this black section, more open than the upper black, but plenty to keep you on your toes

Distance - 600m

Further Afield...

Strathearn has loads to offer cyclists of all levels and abilities. We've pulled together some our favourite routes for you to explore, why not check out whats available in the local area and make a weekend of it?

Local Off Road Trails

There's a whole heap of riding with something for everyone, accessible either from the Croft or nearby. Find out more here

Local Gravel Tracks

Some amazing routes on gravel tracks & back roads can be accessed in Strathearn, check out our recommendations

Local Road Routes

The Croft is an ideal base to spend a few days exploring our fantastic network of quiet and challenging road loops

"In regards to the trails themselves the team have done a superb job creating an all round service for every level of rider."

D. Boffey. Oct 2017

Trail Grading

Blue - Moderate

Occasional cyclists with some experience of road use or easy trails. Reasonably fit families. Children 10+ yrs riding solo.

Red - Difficult

Regular cyclists with experience of moderate trails.Suitable for offroad quality mountain bikes.

Black - Severe

Expert mountain bikers who will expect and relish technical challenges.Suitable for offroad quality mountain bikes.

Yellow - Climbs and Links

The yellow on the map shows you the best way to access the blue, red and black graded routes